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What will you find in Venice?

You'll find one of the most spectacular cities ever built… Venice, La Serenissima, is a city unlike any other.
It is a sublime landscape, with its palatial houses, its ornate squares, and its canals for streets. You could
spend months discovering all of the hidden treasures of this beautiful city, prominent amongst them its
gastronomic delights and the unique way of life that the residents enjoy.

You don't exactly have to jump on the next plane in order to see Venice while it's still around, but scientists
are warning that only a miracle, or perhaps the most advanced engineering - can save one of the world's
most fabled cities and its mesmerising art and architecture, especially in view of global warming and the
possibilities of ocean levels rising 6 metres!.

What a catastrophe that would be. Surely there is no more incredible monument to the folly and beauty of
mankind than La Serenissima, the Serene Republic of Venice? A fantasy city built on the Adriatic.

Put Down the Guidebook and Explore!

Time is money when you are on vacation, so don't waste either. Many first-time visitors spend time trying to
follow guide book recommendations for restaurants and shopping. The problem: Venetian addresses are
confusing, even to the locals! Add a language barrier to the equation and it can become nearly impossible
to find that little restaurant that serves perfect pasta. Make your own discoveries by following one simple
rule: leave the tourist zones and explore!

Walking Around…

Most Venetian attractions can be visited comfortably on foot: the Piazza San Marco, with the great Basilica
and the Doge's Palace; the galleries of the accademia; Ca' Ressonico and the imposing Frari Church. We
strongly suggest you just take a long walk around the city. Lose yourself, start to walk and explore every
amazing corner of this enchanting city.
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